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"It didn't take long for David Wimbish's solo project to become a full band. The community that had inspired his music quickly began to embody the songs, wielding instruments last played in middle school marching band, and fulfilling 'the Collection's name. Coming from Greensboro, North Carolina, their songs stem from an awareness of their state's folk roots, and an appreciation of orchestral and world music. After the loss of dear friends and family, the band released their first full length, "Ars Moriendi", featuring over 25 musicians, and wrestling with questions of mortality and spirituality. As the last year has brought more focus to the Collection, both in size and in vision, they still retain original inspiration and muse - the community of those intrigued by the mystery of life."

About the band

Hayden started playing with the Collection 4 years ago to fill in for a tour. We liked him so much, we didn't let him leave. He loves podcasts, soccer, and everything funny. On stage, he can be seen with a bass ("Dad Guitar") in his hands (or the air). Off stage, he works as a caretaker for a handicapped boy.


Tim plays drums with us, and started last summer before we released Ars Moriendi. He moved from Wilmington to be a part of the band! 
Tim likes Phil Collins, mathy metal drums, and just started his own pressure-washing business to keep him busy in between tours.

Hope plays clarinet and piano and sings. She started playing with the Collection right before we went on our second tour. Hope studied Spanish in college, and was actually in Uruguay while we recorded Ars Moriendi- she got back into the U.S. Just in time to record her parts before we started mixing the album.
At home, Hope works at a Bakery making the best scrumptious sweets.

Joshua plays electric guitar, banjo, didgeridoo, and flute with us. Not only that, but he handmade the flutes he plays himself! Joshua started with us last year right before we headed out on tour with our friends in The Oh Hellos. He also does soundtracks for films for work, and is a pretty funny bloke.

Graham plays Trombone, Trumpet, and Autoharp with us. Shortly after he started playing with the Collection, Graham moved several hours away from us. He surprised us by still driving to practices and shows. Eventually, moved back and has been with us full time, and we're sure glad he did.
Graham studies Math in school, and is crazy smart all around. On the side, he works at a coffee shop, and at a restaurant. And has the most beautiful family.

David sings, plays acoustic guitar, and is the band's key songwriter. David started the band 5 years ago and has been leading the group like a champ ever since! Outside the collection he does solo composing, producing, and mixing jobs. He loves Mexican food, movies, running, and a good brewery.

Joshua Ling plays Harmonium, Hand Percussion, and sings. He joined the band in 2016 after doing merch for us on a run with The Oh Hellos. He has the most beautiful red hair and a beard that you want to rub your face in. He has the moves like Jagger.